QuickBooks Error PS107

QuickBooks Error PS107 is encountered when the software says an internal file has become unreadable and reflects an error message PS107 on your system. It usually happens when you are trying to download Payroll Updates and sometimes while opening the company file. In simple words, you can say it is a payroll update-related error that takes place while installing updates for your QuickBooks payroll service. A damaged file in QuickBooks software is one of the most probable reasons behind the occurrence of the error. However, it is possible that there are innumerable reasons that can promote the error that will identify this QB error. Read this guide carefully to get complete resolutions to amend QuickBooks Error PS107 quickly with much ease.

What is QuickBooks Error PS107 & How to Fix It?

“Unreadable Internal File” this is what QuickBooks Error “PS107” is all about. QuickBooks is a general and advanced accounting software that helps you in dealing with all your financial transactions, accounting and bookkeeping. It doesn’t matter what scale of business you own –small, medium or large.

It supports every business purposes. But due to some internal functional issue or sometimes technical issues like the one above-mentioned, IP Address not found, internet connectivity and many more can cause errors like PS032, PS034, PS058, Error PS033 and PS107.

Any errors with such issues can cause you a lot of trouble and sometimes even the loss of your data and files also. It is always better to get rid of errors but any precautions measures, if it can be an option before you, and if you look at it, you must pay attention to such measures, there are certain things that need to be taken care in that case.

Causes of QuickBooks  Error PS107

The causes of QuickBooks Error PS107 are very much distinct and it is a suggestion for you to consider it for further assistance from our technical expert personnel. They are always just a call or e-mail away to provide you service and take you out from the issues that you are facing.

  • Some of the Cause of error code PS107 even after reinstalling and repair or download, it becomes unrecognizable for the user, which makes it even more tough to get through it.
  • Loss of internal file or unreadable internal file can also stop reinstallation,
  • Repair and even downloading the latest version of the QuickBooks.
  • You can’t get an update for the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service while Intuit’s website server is down for maintenance.
  • QuickBooks continuously checks with Intuit for membership status, and you can get QuickBooks error PS107 if your membership has expired.
  • The problem can occur if you continue to use an earlier version of your finance programming after Intuit has published a new one.
  • Infection with a virus or malware that damages Windows-related files
  • In the QuickBooks company file, there is data loss.
  • QuickBooks problem PS107 can also be caused by a partial installation of the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Prerequisite things before troubleshooting: Create a Company File Backup

  • Initially, open your QuickBooks 
  • Next, move to the File menu >>>> Back Up Company >>>> Create Local Backup 
  • And then perform instructions that appear on your screen to generate a company file backup.

How can Resolve QuickBooks Error  PS107.

1. Method One: Install The Latest Update of Quickbooks

For fixing the error, you need to follow two vital steps.

  • You need to close all the QuickBooks software and processes that are running.
  • You need to install latest update available to the online.

1. Step One: close all the QuickBooks software and processes that are running

Here are the steps you need to follow for closing or ending the processes.

  • Go to Task Manager
  • Click on Process tab
  • Select all applications that starts with QuickBooks, qb or intuit
  • Now click on End task/End process (this will close all the QuickBooks applications)

Once you are done with closing the QuickBooks through Task Manager. All you need to do is open it again and update it to its latest version available online.

2. Step Two: Update to latest version

Following are the steps you need to go through for updating it to latest version.

  • Help menu (Update QuickBooks)
  • Options >> click on “mark all” and “save” >> Click Update
  • Click “Reset Update” and “Get Update”
  • Once Update message appears on the desktop, close all the QuickBooks applications and reboot system.

2. Method Two: End QuickBooks Processes Using Task Manager 

In some cases you need to end a cycle to investigate the issues with your PC. The following are the means to complete it: 

  • First of all, open the Task Manager or press CTRL + Shift + Esc together 
  • Presently click on the Processes tab 
  • Select the cycle you need to end 
  • Hit the End Process button 
  • Check if the error code PS107 in QB is fixed. If it isn’t the situation, attempt the following method. 

3. Method Three: Download and Install Latest Updates for Payroll Tax Table 

Prior to beginning with this method, you need to guarantee that you have a functioning membership for finance service in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Click the beneath given download interface for your adaptation of the QuickBooks 
  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Accountant 2019 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 19.0 
  • Presently save the downloaded file on your PC and double tap to open it 
  • Adhere to on-screen directions cautiously and install the update 
  • In case, if you are as yet getting QB update error PS107 while running finance refreshes, at that point move to the following strategy. 

4. Method Four: Reinstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode 

Fractional or degenerate installation of the QB Desktop programming may likewise cause the QuickBooks error PS107. Follow the underneath offered steps to get the assignment finished: 

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run order 
  • Type “MSConfig” in the clear region and afterward hit OK 
  • Presently pick Selective Startup and afterward select Load framework administrations 
  • Structure Services tab, click Hide all Microsoft administrations 
  • Checkmark the case for Disable all and uncheck the crate for Hiding all Microsoft Services 
  • Ensure the container against the Windows Installer is set apart prior to continuing further 
  • The final step is to restart and then reinstall the QuickBooks utilizing the clean install

Method Five:

  • In the beginning, switch to a Single-User mode just by pressing the File option 
  • Next, click on the “Switch to a single-user mode” button 
  • Move to the QuickBooks File menu and then select the Backup Company >>> “Create Local” 
  • Now, hit the button “Local Backup” >>> “Options” within a Create a Backup window
  • After that, press the Browse on the backup option window and then choose the place location for the Backup 
  • Once you choose the location then hit the “Ok” button 
  • Verify other options as well within this page and then select the one as per your desire 
  • After done with that then click the “Ok” button 
  • You will be given the following options:
  • You can add the “Add date and time of the Backup file to the file name” option to quickly identify between backup files (it is highly recommended)
  • Check the box for this folder’s Backup Copies limit, and write in a number if you need to limit the amount of backups generated by a single company (This will save you time)
  • Mark the check-box stating that “Remind me to back up every time I close the company file” 
  • For regular backup reminders, you can set a frequency number
  • When you’re ready to save, select the options for data verification
  • Keep it turned on so you’ll be notified if the file becomes damaged
  • The procedure will be speed up if you skip verification
  • The available options are:
    • Complete Verification (it is recommended)
    • No verification 
    • Quick Verification
  • In the “Make a Backup Window”, press the Next button 
  • You can choose to save the backups in order to schedule future backups.

These are some points that can be taken care afterwards when you face ERROR CODE PS107. For further technical assistance, feel free to hold a technical hand, who are always besides you to guide you against the error.

Need Professional Help?

We always want ourselves assisting you with respect of any issue regarding QuickBooks. Our expert technical support executives are always there to help you. You can contact our Toll-Free Number 📞. You can also get support via QuickBooks chat support.


  1. What QuickBooks Error PS 107 defines?

    This QuickBooks error code usually appears on your screen due to corrupted or damaged applications in QuickBooks. The user has to find out the application, due to which this error repeatedly appears on your screen.

  2. How can I fix the QuickBooks Error PS 107?

    Open the task manager or press the CTRL +shift +Esc key simultaneously to open it. Now, you need to select the process that you want to end and hit the enter key. Once it’s done, then you need to check whether this issue is resolved or not.

  3. How can I update to the latest edition of QuickBooks to get rid of QuickBooks Error PS 107?

    Go to the Help menu and click on the “Update QuickBooks” option. Hit the next click on the “Update Now” tab. Choose the latest release and hit the download button. When the downloading is completed, the user has to reopen the QuickBooks to ensure the issue is resolved.

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