Unable to Login to Sage 2014 – How to Fix it?

It gets downright frustrating when your Sage system crashes, and you are locked out of it. Most of us have been there at times, wondering how to fix it with not much information available at hand. Keeping the trouble in mind at a check, I have written this article to help those who are looking forward to getting the ‘Unable to login to sage 2014’ error fixed.

What kind of Sage 50 login issues you might encounter?

To start with, I have made a list below of what kind of login issues may arise with your Sage 2014. Let’s have a look at them before going through the solutions:

  • User Name and/or Password not working.
  • Password reset.
  • Can’t log in to company.
  • I do not remember my password.
  • Error: “The username or password you entered is not correct. Both the username and password are case sensitive. Please try again.”
  • username incorrect.
  • Password incorrect.
  • Username and/or password not working after upgrading.
  • Forgot company login.
  • Forgot login.
  • Forgot company username.
  • Forgot username.

Main reason behind the Sage 50 login error

  • Company files get damaged or incorrect.
  • The setting of the DNS is incorrect.
  • Third party software conflict.

What do you need to mind before we start with the troubleshoot for Sage 2104 login issue:

  • Check that you are not trying to login to an incorrect company.
  • Check that username and password are typed correctly, for they are case sensitive:
    • For instance, Office, OFFICE and office are not interchangeable as a password. The password and user ID need to be as they were when they were set up.
    • In case you have forgotten your user ID, it’s retrievable. All you need to do is to browse to the directory of your company and find *.cac and *.cax. That’s it, you will have your username. The files you find with .cax or .cac formats carry your username. For instance, if you found a file named Emily.cax then your username was Emily.
  • In case your password and User ID are longer than usual, type them elsewhere and copy paste them in the relevant fields in your Sage login page.

Point to Remember : Now, remember that an administrator user can revoke any old password and reset it for his respective company. Henceforth, if the administrator is able to log in, you will need to follow the Solution 1, but if the administrator is not able to log in, follow Solution 3.

Solutions of Unable to Login to Sage 2014 Error

To resolve the unable to login to sage 2014 error, you need to try all the three solution given below till you finally resolved the problem.

1. Solution One: Reset the User’s Password

  • Log in to your sage 50 as an administrator of the company
  • Maintain>Users>Set Up Security
  • Select the Username from the list
  • Reset Password> Enter a temporary password> OK>Close
  • Login with the temporary password.
  • Click OK> now change the password by using the temporary password;
  • Check that the user is now able to log in with his username.

2. Solution Two: User is not Licensed

  • Log in to your sage 50 as an administrator of the company
  • Maintain>Users>Set Up Security
  • Check the License box
  • Click OK
  • Login to the company as a user with administrator rights.
    (Note:  Use user’s computer for the process)
  • Check that user appears as licensed.
  • Check that the user is now able to log in with his username.

3. Solution Three: When you are trying to log in to your Sage 2014 with the wrong company.

  • 1. Open Sage 2104
  • 2. Click Browse, select the appropriate company from the list.
  • 3. Check that the user is now able to log in with his username.

If there are other problems with login issues on Sage 2014, which you might find harder to handle, i.e. Unable to reset user’s password or Administrator cannot login OR Restoring the backup made before conversion, you may need further technical assistance which you can get from our Sage technical support experts.

You can call at the toll-free number for Sage Technical Assistance. The toll free number is and get the help instantly at any time of the day. They are a third-party Sage Assistance Company knowledgeable experts who are available 24*7 to solve your technical issues.

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