Unable to Open QuickBooks Pro 10 After Update Windows 10

With Intuit providing excellent business solutions, QuickBooks Pro is an exceptional revolution as it helps small and medium sized businesses to excel in the accounting work like managing payment, making payments and paying bills. Other than this, there are other advantages too.

What if it needs specific system requirement? Yes that’s true, sometimes the software might not want to run for several reasons that QuickBooks thinks can hamper the data and the system.

Causes of the error

The inability of QB to work with Windows 10 or later version can be for the reasons as stated below-

  • QuickBooks is not updated
  • You may have spell check problem which is a minor one yet can be very important at times
  • Programs lock up automatically when QB doesn’t respond for long
  • Certain integrated features of QB like Shopify and others may not work as compatibility is yet to be checked
  • There can be certain damage to the Windows software
  • Corruption in the hard drive may be another reason for the issue
  • There can be a damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI file

The symptoms relating to the use of QuickBooks Pro with Windows 10 can be many. To name a few can be screen loops with company operations and you might not be able to open point of sale of the company files.

Before know what should be done in order to solve the problem, it is important that we know what the updates that have come with Windows 10 are?

  • There is a new Start menu that looks more like the windows 7’s
  • You will find virtual desktop as a new addition
  • There is an updated and new version of .NET framework which is 4.6
  • Browser has also undergone change and the new result is EDGE. You will still have the option to use the older ones like Internet Explorer

How to fix the issue?

With new updates, it is quite obvious that the old QuickBooks wouldn’t work too as there can be compatibility issue. If it happens to you that you have trying to use QB and yet it crashes, you can try the steps below and get it fixed-

Currently, the latest version of QB available is QuickBooks 2016, so people kindly update to 2016 so that you avoid any problem arising out of compatibility in future.

The QB users can upgrade to QuickBooks 2016 following the steps mentioned below-

  • QuickBooks 2015 and QuickBooks 2016 R1 to R6– To make your QuickBooks of this version work smoothly on the new update 2016 R7, make sure that you have .NET Framework enabled on your system because otherwise this feature is disabled by default by Microsoft. You need to open Start menu and then type Turn Windows feature ON or OFF. Now click on Turn Windows feature ON or OFF. After this, you will see an option to enable .NET Framework 3.5. If it is enabled, that is cool and if not click on Turn ON. Now reboot the system. On the other hand if it is already enabled, you can skip the method
  • QuickBooks 2014 and earlier– In order to upgrade to QuickBooks 2016 R7, make sure to have the requirements as stated by Intuit. The operating system should be upgraded to Windows 10, you need to have all the editions including 64 bit, there should be hardware and software compatibility too. Firewall and ant-virus too should be compatible.

Points to Remember

Now that you have taken the decision of upgrading to QuickBooks 2016, there are things you need to keep in mind.

  • You need to be signed in as an administrator to update the file otherwise you won’t be able to get it fixed
  • It is advisable that the upgrade is not done over a network. It will avoid the chances of your file being damaged
  • As upgraded version of QuickBooks will not open in the earlier versions of Windows, make sure that the Windows is updated to Windows 10
  • Enterprise files cannot be converted to QuickBooks pro
  • It is mandatory that you verify the data file and in case the verification fails, use the Qbwin.log file to locate and resolve the issue

Quick Steps to Upgrade to QuickBooks Pro

  • Launch the new version of QuickBooks and then choose File>Restore Company File
  • Now click Open Company File and then click Next
  • Browse to your data file and click Open
  • You will be redirected to Move Company File after which you can follow the given instructions
  • On the Update Company File for Newer Version, read the details
  • Now update it
  • The message” You are about to open Company File using Newer Version of QuickBooks, do you want to continue?” will appear. You need to click on Yes
  • Once the file is updated, search for the file through the hard drive by typing .QBW files. While you are doing the search, it is important that you include all the hidden files and folders in the search field

Now you have successful upgrader to the newer version of QuickBooks with all the new features included. Have fun incorporating Windows 10 and QB by having a seamless experience.

Be patient while following the steps as it may be time con summing but the result is worth the wait.

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