What to Do in case of ‘Sage 50 an Unknown Error Has Occurred’?

Sage 50 is an excellent software. However, errors are possible in every software. While choosing any report, you might confront an Error message: “An obscure error has happened. To ensure your organization data, Sage 50 will now close down. Any data which is not saved will be lost.” When you click on the OK button at the point, Sage will close down.

Sage 50 crashes while producing reports.

Causes Behind The “Sage 50 an Unknown Error Has Occurred”

  • The reports should be refreshed by utilizing the default settings
  • The printer is wrong in the Reports as well as Forms screen for reports

Solutions of “Sage 50 an Unknown Error Has Occurred” Error

  • Moving unneeded documents out of the organization data or file folder
  • Backup your organization record.
  • Close the Sage 50 on all PCs.
  • Browse the organization data folder

1. Section One: Move all records and document types not recorded mentioned in a different folder:

  • .DAT
  • ini
  • ini
  • .cac and .cax
  • txt
  • xml
  • KeysBackup folder
  • Check there are no .ptb records into the KeysBackup folder. Any type of .ptb records found ought to be moved to a different folder.
  • Open the organization to enable DDF record to reproduce.
  • Shut Sage 50.
  • Check the Automatic Back-Up finishes without any errors.

2. Section Two: Server setting off to a network drive

  • Backup your organization record
  • Close the Sage 50 on all PCs.
  • Browse the organization data folder records.
  • Open your .ptc file record and then verify the organization Directory and then save the backup on the server
  • Repeat the step 4 for each .ptc records found.
  • Check that you would now be able to run the backup.

3. Section Three: Update the Automatic Backup Configuration

  • Open Automatic Backup Utility.
  • Click on the Open
  • Browse the location of the .ptc record which relates to the organization in which you are getting errors.
  • Into the section named save the backup, click on the Browse dialogue box.
  • Explore to the file folder in which you will be sparing your all backups, furthermore, the system gets to know the folder location of the backup file.
  • Click on OK button.
  • Click on save button.

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