Withholding On 941 Does Not Match the Quarterly Earnings Report on Sage

At times, when you are using Sage, you may suddenly feel that the Withholding on 941 Does Not Match To Quarterly Earnings Report. You might even get a little tensed about it. But, today, we will talk about this Sage problem in detail.

When you try to create the necessary 941 report, it may load the amount which is absolutely different than the withholding which is mentioned in the Quarterly Earnings Report. It may even happen that amount everywhere else seems perfectly fine. As soon as this happens, your mind will start asking, why is this 941 amount different from the Quarterly Earnings Report amount? What can be the reason behind such a miss?

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Causes of Withholding On 941 Does Not Match the Quarterly Earnings Report on Sage

One of the main causes can be that probably the forms have not been totally updated for the Social Security taxes or it may be possible if you had to void a check, the report from one of the quarters to the next will be incorrect.

How to Fix Withholding On 941 Does Not Match the Quarterly Earnings Report on Sage

To resolve the Withholding On 941 Does Not Match the Quarterly Earnings Report on Sage, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 13 minutes

  1. Step One

    Firstly, you would have to check the Quarterly Earnings report is calculated properly.

  2. Step Two

    For this, you may have to take a print out of the Quarterly Earnings report

  3. Step Three

    Now, you would have to manually include the checks for every employee and check if the system is calculating all the deductions properly or not.

  4. Step Four

    In case the FEIC deductions present on the Quarterly Earnings Report is still not similar to the amounts on 941, then you may have to do this:

  5. Step Five

    Click on the Task menu, click on System, and Change the Accounting Period. You would have to modify it to period 1.

  6. Step Six

    Take the backup of all the data

  7. Step Seven

    In case you are using Batch posting, then you would have to click on Tasks from Sage 50 menu, and afterwards, you may click on System, and choose Unpost.

  8. Step Eight

    Now, uncheck All the Journals. Click on the Payroll Journal, hit OK.

  9. Step Nine

    In case of Real-time posting, click on Maintain, select Company Information, and change to the Batch posting method.

  10. Step Ten

    Hit the OK button to accept the changes. Now, select the Tasks from Sage menu, then click on System, and follow the steps above for unpost or posting the Payroll Journal

  11. Step Eleven

    Check the 941 withholdings, if they now match to the Quarterly Earnings Report or not

  12. Step Twelve

    If they are still not the same, then follow the Integrity Check steps.

    💠 You may have to reindex Employee, Jrnlhdr, and Jrnlrow
    💠 After this, run the Employee/Journal Synchronization test. And, jot down the errors found.
    💠 After the test is done, check all the Earnings report, and again match it to 941.
    💠 Get back to Tasks, click on System, and hit on Post. Uncheck All the Journals and only choose Payroll Journal, and hit OK.

Need Professional Help?

You would be able to fix this Sage problem with the steps above. Also, you can anytime call our Sage technical support helpline, , as we are open throughout the day or night. Our Sage technical support team is just a phone call away for any Sage related help.

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